The Ultimate Real Estate Finance Guide

Do you want to see how a real estate transaction works from a financial view? Wondering what you need to buy or sell a home?


San Diego County Buyer's Example

Purchase Price $750,000.00

Earnest Money Deposit $7,500.00

Down Payment 5% or $37,500.00

Title & Escrow Fees $3,216.50

Closing Cost and Credits $100.00

Recording Fees & Transfer Taxes $118.00

Estimated Cash to Close $33,434.50

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Home buyer mortgage estimate

Loan Amount $712,500

Percentage 4%

Number of years 30

Montly Principle and interest payment would be $3,401.58



San Diego County Sellers Example

Sale Price $750,000

Property Taxes Prorated $6,035.96

Loan Payoff $0.00

Title & Escrow $2,145.00

Broker Percentage 6% $45,000

HOA Statement Transfer $150.00

Home Warranty $400.00

Natural Hazard Disclosure Report $99.00

Recording Fees & Transfer Taxes $23.00

Estimated Net Proceeds $696,147.04

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That's the plain and simple calculations you should start with when looking for a home. If you would like to get pre qualified you can estimate that your monthly mortgage payment will be up to 50% of your monthly income. Call a professional at 858-337-5553 for more information. One call to the right person can save you thousands of dollars.