Surfs up on Seal Beach property. Beach days are the norm when living in Southern California. Residents soak up the sun and play in the sand. Conquering the waves is a rite of passage and many hit up M & M Surfing School to help learn their shredding skills.

One of the easiest beaches to surf, the waves along the Seal Beach real estate shoreline are welcoming. M & M Surf School has been leading the charge into the water for more than two decades. The father and son team of Michael Pless, Sr. and Michael Pless, Jr. put safety first with a secondary focus on fun, fun, fun! From kindergarteners to senior citizens all ages are encouraged to hop on board. With a motto of “everyone catches a wave and everyone learns to ride it” success is literally guaranteed.

Hang Ten on Seal Beach Real Estate

Everyone learns to hang ten at a different pace. A menu of classes fit the bill for one and all. Single lessons are great for intermediate and advanced sportsmen who just want to tweak their style here and there. Workshops, camps and group lessons appeal to beginners just getting their feet wet.

Surf boards and wetsuits are provided by the company. For all lessons it is recommended to bring a backpack filled with sunscreen, beach towel, hat, and water. Participants in Seal Beach property camps may also want to pack a lunch or have money to purchase snacks. Instructors are first aid, CPR, and water safety certified.

M & M Surf School is high energy during summer. When the kids are out of school extra camps and workshops are on the calendar. Five day camps are offered as surf alone, a combination of surfing and marine biology instruction and marine biology alone. More information about all camps and lessons can be obtained by calling 714.846.7873. Groups meet up at the north side of the Seal Beach Pier.