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July 26, 2019

Need to sell your house fast?

sell your house fastClient just called and said, I need to sell my house fast

I said I would be right over and asked if I should bring my camera? Now that's service and fast! I had it listed in less than 24 hours!

Selling a house is a big decision and large undertaking. Selling a home may be one of the most stressful things you ever have to do. It messes with your time and money. No one wants to do it but just about everyone does. Welcome to reality. Now lets escalate the process and say you have to sell fast and on your timeline because of a new career, financial lows, or even a divorce or death. Now the pressure is on and on high!

Take a deep breath, you will be okay

Selling your house with Ryan Solberg at Pacific Sotheby's International Realty is easy. Listing your house with the top real estate brokerage and a veteran seasoned real estate agent who has experience selling homes can lower the stress and get the job done.

Sure you could go online and give it away to any shark investor or and of the new age home buying apps or online shops that will offer you 50-85% of market value leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Don't take the easy way out and loose thousands my friends! 

Or you could sell your home as a for sale by owner and turn up the pressure on the situation even more, please don't do that to yourself to think you are saving the listing fee. I see so many for sale by owners try to do it and about 95% of them fail and list it anyways. 

Step 1: Call a real estate agent 858-765-2374 

Did you know that 91% of home sellers use a real estate agent to list their home, for good reasons!

The process of selling a home involves 183 steps from start to finish. And if you get a needy buyer phewww it could triple.  


Listing your home for sale with a real estate agent can get you more money in less time with the least amount of stress. Just make sure you hire the right agent who you get along with and has a great work ethic because it takes hard work and dedication to sell homes in today world. The listing agent is on your side and represents you and your home to get you the most money in the shortest time usually. Time and money are two negotiation chips during the process you as a seller will have to juggle before accepting an offer. It's easy when you call one of the best listing agents in San Diego Ryan Solberg to help you through the process every step of the way. Working with a top listing agent like Ryan Solberg can make all the difference in the world. 


Selling your home is a dynamic game and it depends on many conditions, how many homes are on the market in your area, how are they priced, how are they marketed, what is the mortgage rate doing, new jobs around the area, oh and did i mention you can not control any of these factors! So it is a good idea to hire the best listing agent Ryan Solberg to help get your home sold, you can control who you hire. Go Top Listing today and ask me about any special offers I may be promoting when you call me. My direct phone is 858-337-5553 Here to help! 



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July 24, 2019

The Ultimate Real Estate Finance Guide

The Ultimate Real Estate Finance Guide

Do you want to see how a real estate transaction works from a financial view? Wondering what you need to buy or sell a home?


San Diego County Buyer's Example

Purchase Price $750,000.00

Earnest Money Deposit $7,500.00

Down Payment 5% or $37,500.00

Title & Escrow Fees $3,216.50

Closing Cost and Credits $100.00

Recording Fees & Transfer Taxes $118.00

Estimated Cash to Close $33,434.50

Run your own estimate here

Run your own Mortgage Payment Calculator here



Home buyer mortgage estimate

Loan Amount $712,500

Percentage 4%

Number of years 30

Montly Principle and interest payment would be $3,401.58



San Diego County Sellers Example

Sale Price $750,000

Property Taxes Prorated $6,035.96

Loan Payoff $0.00

Title & Escrow $2,145.00

Broker Percentage 6% $45,000

HOA Statement Transfer $150.00

Home Warranty $400.00

Natural Hazard Disclosure Report $99.00

Recording Fees & Transfer Taxes $23.00

Estimated Net Proceeds $696,147.04

Run your own estimate here


That's the plain and simple calculations you should start with when looking for a home. If you would like to get pre qualified you can estimate that your monthly mortgage payment will be up to 50% of your monthly income. Call a professional at 858-337-5553 for more information. One call to the right person can save you thousands of dollars. 

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June 11, 2019

Learn to Surf on Seal Beach Property

Surfs up on Seal Beach property. Beach days are the norm when living in Southern California. Residents soak up the sun and play in the sand. Conquering the waves is a rite of passage and many hit up M & M Surfing School to help learn their shredding skills.

One of the easiest beaches to surf, the waves along the Seal Beach real estate shoreline are welcoming. M & M Surf School has been leading the charge into the water for more than two decades. The father and son team of Michael Pless, Sr. and Michael Pless, Jr. put safety first with a secondary focus on fun, fun, fun! From kindergarteners to senior citizens all ages are encouraged to hop on board. With a motto of “everyone catches a wave and everyone learns to ride it” success is literally guaranteed.

Hang Ten on Seal Beach Real Estate

Everyone learns to hang ten at a different pace. A menu of classes fit the bill for one and all. Single lessons are great for intermediate and advanced sportsmen who just want to tweak their style here and there. Workshops, camps and group lessons appeal to beginners just getting their feet wet.

Surf boards and wetsuits are provided by the company. For all lessons it is recommended to bring a backpack filled with sunscreen, beach towel, hat, and water. Participants in Seal Beach property camps may also want to pack a lunch or have money to purchase snacks. Instructors are first aid, CPR, and water safety certified.

M & M Surf School is high energy during summer. When the kids are out of school extra camps and workshops are on the calendar. Five day camps are offered as surf alone, a combination of surfing and marine biology instruction and marine biology alone. More information about all camps and lessons can be obtained by calling 714.846.7873. Groups meet up at the north side of the Seal Beach Pier.


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June 10, 2019

Good Eats Are Found by San Diego Homes

It’s a race to the dinner table near San Diego homes. Meals are in full gear at the Corvette Diner. Here even backseat drivers agree that the food is the best and the ambiance even better. Located in Liberty Station at 2965 Historic Decatur Road, hungry drivers pull off the road.

Movers and Shakers Living in San Diego Burn Rubber

A 50’s motiff greets patrons as they enter the door. Tunes are blasting from the jukebox and greetings are heartfelt and friendly. Waitresses dress for success in period garb with poodle skirts setting the scene.

The menu is as eclectic as the decor. Open for lunch and dinner tasty options seem limitless. Appetizers start it all off right. Slap Me Some Skins potatoes are perfect for sharing. Hoochie Coochie Calamari Fries are also great for passing around. Burgers are juicy and overflowing with flavor. Sandwiches are super too such as the Ike and Tina Tuna Melt which has become rather popular. Peggy Sue’s Pastrami has also gathered quite a following from locals living in San Diego. Platters hold plenty to satisfy dinner sized appetites. Italian dishes in the spotlight are Annette Funicello Shrimp Fettuccine, Chicken Parmesan and Chicken Polka Pasta. Kids get crazy off the children’s menu with items listed just for them. Favorite selections include Hot Diggity Dogs, Ginormous Chicken Fingers and Sophie’s Spaghetti and Meatballs. Shakes and malts are to die for and nicely complete meals.

There’s no denying that the food at the Corvette Diner is palate pleasing. But, folks from San Diego homes saunter in to get in the game too. Thrills and chills are found in the Gamers Garage Arcade where classic games give guests a blast back to the past. Hoots and hollers are heard around pinball machines and air hockey tables. Dine and play packages are available Mondays through Thursdays and combine good eats with action packed gaming.

Swing by the Corvette Diner for some grub and get your groove on. Good times are happening in this joint, Daddy-o. For more information on what’s happening call 619.542.1476.


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June 9, 2019

Kids Are Fired Up on Irvine Property

Reality intermixes with imagination on Irvine property. At the Pretend City Children’s Museum little ones learn through play without even realizing it. A series of thoughtfully created exhibits form a miniature town just for them. While each space contains elements of fun math, reading and science skills are interwoven.

Exhibits focus on “building better brains” through interactive merriment. Sirens are blazing and kids jump into action as firefighters and police officers in Emergency Services. Nearby little dentists, doctors and nurses stress the importance of staying healthy and taking care of oneself. Mail carriers come forth with Irvine home owner's mail regardless of the weather. Performing and visual art fill the Irvine property too. Little actors and actresses strut their stuff in the Amphitheater while fingers are busily creating masterpieces in the Art Studio.

Play Is Serious Business by Irvine Homes

Youngsters dig in and learn the lay of the land. Water flows freely in the Marina and gardens grows green on the Farm. Nearby the wonder of the ocean is explored at the Beach. It’s back to basics when at Home. Kiddos make believe in the grown up world by fueling up in the Gas Station, stopping off at the Bank and picking up supplies in the Grocery Store.

Special events gear up children for real life experiences. The School Readiness Fair takes place in the springtime and offers free health and wellness screenings to Southern California youth. Experts are on hand to give assessments and advice to parents. Food, music, games, crafts and prizes are highlights of this amazing event. Also on the calendar is the annual When I Grow Up Day. Kids interact with dancers, artists, first responders, zoo keepers, teachers, bakers, construction workers and more. Emergency and other vehicles are parked and ready to be explored at the museum too.

Play the day away at the Pretend City Children’s Museum. Simple memories are the most cherished and there’s nothing kids love more than spending time with mom and dad.


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July 31, 2017

Curious About Local Real Estate?

Receive the Latest Local Market Stats

Curious about local real estate? So are we! Every month we review trends in our real estate market and consider the number of homes on the market in each price tier, the amount of time particular homes have been listed for sale, specific neighborhood trends, the median price and square footage of each home sold and so much more. We’d love to invite you to do the same!

Get Local Market Reports Sent Directly to You

You can sign up here to receive your own market report, delivered as often as you like! It contains current information on pending, active and just sold properties so you can see actual homes in your neighborhood. You can review your area on a larger scale, as well, by refining your search to include properties across the city or county. As you notice price and size trends, please contact us for clarification or to have any questions answered.

We can definitely fill you in on details that are not listed on the report and help you determine the best home for you. If you are wondering if now is the time to sell, please try out our INSTANT home value tool. You’ll get an estimate on the value of your property in today’s market. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon as you get to know our neighborhoods and local real estate market better.

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